The Business Impact of Scaling Agile Development

Posted on September 14, 2012 by Dean Leffingwell in Agile Executive

I was interviewed last week for the local, Boulder County business report about agile development. In so doing, i had to take a whack at explaining scaling agile in its most basic technical and business terms. I think it tunred out ok, but you can be the judge by clicking here:

Here’s the way I explain scaled agile in the fewest words I could muster (mark Twain has been quoted for saying” I’d have written shorter novel, but I didn’t have the time”):

“Generally, Agile development at scale can be considered from four perspectives.

1. A set of test-first and highly incremental software development practices, designed to improve endemic code quality.

2. New software project management practices that focus on delivering working, tested software every two weeks.

3. Program-level alignment to a common, larger mission. Synchronizing planning, development, integration, delivery and customer feedback.

4. A set of Lean leadership principles, that include respect for people, continuous improvement, product development flow and executive sponsorship for a Lean Agile operating mode.”