Big Picture Update: System Architect and UX Icons

Posted on June 1, 2012 by Dean Leffingwell in SAF Content, Scaled Agile Framework/Big Picture

Last week was an interesting week in the lifecycle of SAFe; we had 30 people in the beta certification class. All in all, I thought it went pretty well, at least for a beta, but we’ll know when we get the feedback forms back and compiled.

You can imagine that a 2-day, detailed review of the framework with 30 experienced and senior agile-at-scale consultants (some of the best I’ve ever met and worked with) was riveting and challenging. That’s a lot of methodology opinions in a small space.

In any case, one thing that came out of it was a lack of SAFe clarity on the role of the system architect  and UX designer in conjunction with the Agile Release Train. In Agile Software Requirements, I described these roles and activities in some detail, but they had not really made it to first class citizens of the Framework. Now they are as you can see below.

The result is a new version of the Big Picture (version 0.95, starting to run out of room before 1.0!), along with abstracts for the system architect and UX designer.

V0.95 of the Big Picture, with System Architect and UX

You might also note the new, subtle red line that connects these guys to the train, representing both architectural and UX governance as part of the trains platform, or rails, or whatever.

For those of you who attended the class, thanks for the support and all your input (yes, I’ll be working hard to improve that exam), and Drew will let you know how to get access to the new BP graphics for your PPT updates, business cards and poster size pics.. For those of you who didn’t attend, maybe we’ll see you in the July 23-26 Certification?