A Cool, Upcoming Lean Systems Society Conference

Posted on August 23, 2013 by Dean Leffingwell in Uncategorized


It’s not to late to register for the upcoming Lean Systems Society Reactor conference in Boulder, Colorado Sep 11-12. The Lean Systems Society is an initiative I feel strongly about. This is simply group of people whose interest is in helping industry, government and society at large better build large and complex systems based on the principles of Lean thinking. They have no commercial or propriety agenda.

From the conference website:

Who’s Invited: Everyone who considers themselves part of the Lean Systems community. We are also actively seeking C-level and director level personnel of large organizations to bring their point of view and to be exposed to a wide variety of Lean and Systems-Thinking perspectives. We are keeping the costs very low so offer no early-enrollment discount (it’s already built in), but ask for everyone who can register early to do so, to help the LSS with mitigating its risks on the conference.

About LSS:

The Lean Systems Society (LSS), or “the Society” for short, is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to improve the world by improving its systems. The Credo of the Society further describes this purpose. Our community nurtures and applies many forms of systems thinking in numerous domains and across five continents. The Lean paradigm, with its cognition-driven “people-first” worldview, remains at its core.