Major SAFe LSE Update with Big Implications

Hello Folks,

As you probably know, I’ve moved most of my blogging activity to the Scaled Agile Framework Blog. For a major update on SAFe LSE and the future of SAFe, check out this post.

I’ll be maintaining this blog for just a while longer. As the SAFe blog is dedicated to SAFe content, I plan to start my personal blogging again on my website at I’ll be describing a few other topics I’ve been researching lately, and some great books and background reading, all of which is too early for SAFe.


Upcoming SPC Certifications

Hi Folks,

My next upcoming SAFe SPC Certifications are as follows:

Dec 9-12, 2014, Boulder, Colorado (with Alex Yakyma)

January 27-30, 2014, Boulder, Colorado (with Alex Yakyma)

March 2-5, Vienna, Austria (with Michael Stump)

March 10-13, Boulder, CO (with Alex Yakyma)

Also, I’ll be delivering an SPC certification in Sydney, Australia, the week of June 22, but that one isn’t yet open for registration. Please ping Garren Watkins ( if you’d like to pre-register.

I look forward to meeting some of you in person at these upcoming events.

In addition, in response to increased market demand, we’ve also increased our capacity for 2015, with classes to occur about weekly world-wide. The first half of 2015 has been scheduled now, as you can see at Scaled Agile Academy.

Come join the league of over 1,700 SPCs who are making a huge impact in the world with SAFe!

My next Boulder SPC Class Oct 21-24, 2014

Hi Folks,

I’ll be teaching my next SPC certification in Boulder October 21-24. This is the second US  course I’ll be teaching based on SAFe 3.0 and, the first from a recent update to Leading SAFe 8.1. This should be a fun course; at least I’m excited about teaching from the new baseline! It will probably sell out, but there are a few seats left add of today. You can register here.

Hope to see you there.


Lyssa Adkins Opines on SAFe on InfoQ

Next SPC Certification in Boulder, Sep 9-12. SAFe 3.0!

Hi Folks,

I’ll be teaching the next certification in Boulder September 9-12. This is the first course I’ll be teaching based on SAFe 3.0, which will be released July 28. This should be a fun course; at least I’m excited about teaching from the new baseline! You can register here.

Hope to see you there.


Just Open: SAFe SPC Certification in Paris, June 2-4, 2014


I’ll be delivering an SPC Certification in Paris, June 2-4, co-sponsored by Valtech. The class is now open for registration here.

Hope to see you in Paris!


Does Agile = Better DW/BI?

Em Campbell-Pretty, a SAFe SPC and scaled agile blogger in Australia, just pointed me to an article she wrote which has just been published in the Cutter It Journal. In the issueDoes Agile=Better DW/BI, she describes how they are applying SAFe to a significant Data Warehousing program. In the article, she focuses more on the values and principles behind SAFe, rather than the practices themselves, which is always refreshing. She also describes some of the challenges unique to data warehousing, though I’m pretty sure many of you will say “we don’t do data warehousing, but we have that problem here too!”

But in fact, the entire issue is devoted to Agile in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, so if that’s your game, there are 6 other helpful articles there as well, including one by Scott Ambler highlighting how Disciplined Agile Delivery applies in that context.

The article is free and you can find it here:

Scaling Agile Data Warehousing

Japanese Translation of Agile Software Requirements is now Available

Taku Fujii, our persistent friend over the years, and an SPC with our partner OGIS RI Ltd,  recently completed a Japanese translation of Agile Software Requirements. For those who have been through this, you know what a labor such a project entails. If you read Japanese, (actually, even if you don’t) you can buy a copy:

I’d like to personally thank Taku-san and his collaborators for their work.

Also, I was recently  interviewed by Shoeisha Publishing and the interview is now published on the Shoeisha’s web magazine, EnterpriseZine.

SPC Certification in Tokyo in January

Hi Folks,

Just a quick note that I’ll be delivering an SPC certification in Tokyo January 15-18. You can see course details and register here. I’ll deliver the course in English, but Leading SAFe (the first two days; open to all) will be simultaneously translated into Japanese; the following two days (Implementing SAFe and Certification; open only to qualified SPC candidates) will be sequentially translated.

I’ll also be giving a talk on SAFe on Tuesday, January 14 at the 2014 Tokyo Regional Scrum Gathering.

Hope to see you there.


Recorded London Agile Business SAFe Keynote

I gave a Be Agile. Scale Up. Stay Lean with SAFe keynote at Agile Business London Conference in October. They videos the session and since I didn’t actually fall off the stage or anything too obvious, I’m linking to it here.